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Clark Faculty

Welcome to the Goddard Library! This guide will provide an overview of some opportunities available to you as a faculty member at Clark. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Ezproxy Prefix

To allow easy access to electronic resources from off-campus, we use a web proxy server that allows users to easily authenticate with their Clark credentials.  The following prefix can be added to a URL to allow easy off-campus access:


However, we recommend using our tool below to create an easy link that you can place in Moodle.

Create Permalinks with Ezproxy

EZproxy URL Creator

This tool reformats the link by adding the Clark University Libraries EZproxy prefix so that the link will work from off-campus.
Paste Article URL here:
Durable URL:
  • Double-click (or triple-click) the Durable URL text box above to select the whole URL.
  • (Use Ctrl-C to) copy the new URL.
  • (Use Ctrl-V to) paste the new URL into Moodle, or a web design or word processing program.

Contact Ed McDermott 508-793-7651; for assistance with linking to articles or publications in library databases.

Clark University Libraries

O'Reilly Link Generator

If you have an existing link to an O'Reilly Higher Education title, or even chapter(e.g., you can use this tool to generate a link that will ensure it will work from on- and off-campus.

1. Copy and paste your O'Reilly URL here:

2. Click the "Create link" button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

4. Clear the form to make another link


Problems or comments? Please contact us.

From Discovery@ClarkLibraries

If you are using our search tool "Discovery@ClarkLibraries" the Ezproxy prefix will be automatically included in the available permalink.

Look for the Permalink icon in the right-hand tool bar:

Copy and paste the permalink!



JSTOR provides stable links that you can copy and paste into the tool provided on this page.