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Clark Faculty

Welcome to the Goddard Library! This guide will provide an overview of some opportunities available to you as a faculty member at Clark. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Requesting Library Purchases

Request materials for the library collection:

Required information:

Whatever method you choose, please remember that we need the following information about each item in order to process your order:

  1. Name of faculty member submitting the order
  2. Department allocation or other fund for the order
  3. Title or journal, book, database, film, etc.
  4. Author or editor name
  5. Whether or not you want a hold placed on this item
  6. Why the library should consider purchasing this materials

While not mandatory, the following fields would be very helpful to have:

  1. ISBN (International Standard Book Number, 13 digit number, if available) or ISSN
  2. Edition or publication year

If you are ordering a book for reserve reading please remember to include the course name and number. All reserve materials are considered rush orders and the library will work to get the items in and shelf-ready quickly, but please to try to give us plenty of time to put in the order.

Also Note:

  • We accept Rush orders.  Please be sure to label them as such. 
  • A book that has been ordered with a hold on it will remain behind the Circulation Desk for two weeks, holding the first opportunity to check-out the item for the requestor. You will be notified by email when the item is available to pick up.
  • Please email the Library's Collections Department ( any questions regarding the ordering of library materials.

Acquisitions Policy Information

  •  Faculty involvement in the selection process is considered crucial to the successful development of the university’s collection. Faculty are encouraged to be in regular contact with the Acquisitions and Serials Coordinator to purchase useful materials. Materials will be considered as long as they support the curriculum and research needs of the university and will benefit more than one person. The liaison within each department will be responsible for making sure all interests from within are represented. The fiscal year runs from June 1st to May 30th.
  • Unfortunately, Goddard Library does not purchase textbooks because they are often expensive and are published frequently.  Purchasing these would create a financial burden that the library cannot afford.