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Pre-Law Advising

The resources in this guide aim to assist students considering law-school after completing their undergraduate degree at Clark University by highlighting resources and opportunities that will contribute to their preparation for a Juris Doctorate program.

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to the Pre-law Advising Resource Guide!

This guide aims to provide undergraduate students interested in  pursuing a career in law with essential resources to learn about: legal research, preparation for law school, finding and applying to programs, and more.

To learn about the Pre-law advising program at Clark University, visit: 

Clark University Pre-Law Advising Homepage


Lawyer and Notary Public

"Notary and lawyer", 1434, illustration from Capodilista Codex, manuscript, Italy, 15th century, Detail,; Museo Civico degli Eremitani, Padua, Italy.

What is "Prelaw"?