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Library Research Tutorial

On this page

On this page, find information on:

  • Searching for scholarly articles and more using our Discovery Search tool

  • Searching for books and other physical materials in our Library Catalog

  • Narrowing down your search in our Database A-Z list

  • Navigating databases


Use our Discovery Search tool to find a wide variety of information across our entire collection.


The Library Catalog can help you find books, electronic books, physical media like DVDs, and more, both in our Library and in other collections around the world.

Course Reserves

Searching for Databases

Our database collection can help you narrow down subjects by specific disciplines, as well as search specifically by different formats, including scholarly articles, data, news, and more.

Searching in Databases

A few tips for how to navigate through databases, narrow down topics, and save your searches.

"The Library Doesn't Have What I Need!!"

If there is a book, article, or other resource that you are having trouble finding in our collection, take a look at the next section, "Interlibrary Loan"