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Women's History

Library Materials, resources, databases and more, relating to Women's History


The Goddard Library has an abundance of materials including books, e-books, print and online journals and other media that will be useful to students researching topics and issues concerning Women's History.  If you can't find what you are looking for, you can request an item through Inter-Library Loan. You can also use this form to request that we purchase anything we might have missed!  

Library Materials


Book Jacket

ABC of women workers' rights and gender equality


Summary: "Arranged alphabetically by topic, it focuses primarily on States' and employers' obligations and workers' rights as regards equality between men and women, enshrined in the ILO's body of international labour standards (Conventions and recommendations). It also refers to other relevant developments and trends in international law (for example, United Nations instruments), supranational law (for instance, European Community directives), and national legislation and practice"--Page 1.

PS3551.L845 I5 1995

Summary: Set during the waning days of the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic in 1960, this extraordinary novel tells the story of the Mirabal sisters, three young wives and mothers who are assassinated after visiting their jailed husbands. On a deserted mountain road in the Dominican Republic in 1960, three young women from a pious Catholic family were assassinated after visiting their husbands who had been jailed as suspected rebel leaders. The Mirabal sisters, thus martyred, became mythical figures in their country, where they are known as Las Mariposas (the butterflies). Three decades later, Julia Alvarez, daughter of the Dominican Republic and author of the acclaimed How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, brings the Mirabal sisters back to life in this extraordinary novel. Each of the sisters speaks in her own voice; beginning as young girls in the 1940s, their stories vary from hair ribbons to gun-running to prison torture. Their story is framed by their surviving sister who tells her own tale of suffering and dedication to the memory of Las Mariposas.

Book Jacket               Women's movements in Asia: Feminisms and Transnational Activism



Summary: "Women's movement in Asia is a comprehensive study of women's activism across Asia. With chapters written by leading international experts, it provides a full overview of the history of feminism, as well as the current context of the women's movement in 12 countries: the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Korea, India and Pakistan.



Book Jacket           Women's movements in international perspective : Latin America and beyond / Maxine Molyneux.


HQ 1460.5.M64 2003

Review: "The gendered analysis of political power, and of the women's movement that have contested it, has long concentrated on the Western developed world, In this wide-ranging re-evaluation, pertinent equally to development studies and to political sociology, Maxine Molyneux set out to redress this balance in the light of an analysis of Latin American women's movement and of their engagement with a range of states, liberal, authoritarian and revolutionary. In a set of analyses that includes studies of Argentina, Nicaragua and Cube, together with comparative discussions of state socialism, women's movements and citizenship, she examines the complex, and persistent, interaction of states and women's movements and the diversity of responses which this has yielded. Molyneux argues that no study of gender relations in the contemporary world, nor policy prescriptions for addressing gender inequality, can avoid an international, and comparative, perspective. the conclusion emerging from these cases, as relevant to the history of feminism as to its future, is a vindication of a radical, democratic perspective, one which seeks to transform social relations as it engages and contests political power."--Jacket.


Interesting E-Books

Women's Movements and Countermovements: the Quest for Gender Equality in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Women's Movements and Countermovements: The Quest for Gender  Equality in Southeast Asia and the Middle East: 9781443859936: Claudia  Derichs, Claudia Derichs, Dana Fennert: Books
Summary: The relationship between social movements and their countermovements is an underrepresented research topic, given the bulk of social movements studies that have been published to date. Moreover, empirical research on this topic primarily covers certain geographic areas of the world, specifically what is commonly called the ""global North"". The mobilization of religious and women's movements against social change, which strive for a preservation of the status quo and can be held responsible for ...

African Women's Movements : Transforming Political Landscapes
Book Jacket
Summary: "Women entered the political scene in Africa after the 1990s, claiming more than one third of the parliamentary seats in countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. Women in Rwanda hold the highest percentage of legislative seats in the world. Women's movements lobbied for constitutional reforms and new legislation to expand women's rights. This book examines the convergence of factors behind these dramatic developments, including the emergence of autonomous women's movements changes in international and regional norms regarding women's rights and representation, the availability of new resources to advance women's status, and the end of civil conflict. The book focuses on the cases of Cameroon, Uganda, and Mozambique, situating these countries in the broader African context. The authors provide a fascinating analysis of the way in which women are transforming the political landscape in Africa."

A Band of Noble Women : Racial Politics in the Women’s Peace Movement
 Book Jacket
Summary: " A Band of Noble Women brings together the histories of the women's peace movement and the black women's club and social reform movement in a story of community and consciousness building between the world wars. Believing that achievement of improved race relations was a central step in establishing world peace, African American and white women initiated new political alliances that challenged the practices of Jim Crow segregation and promoted the leadership of women in transnational politics. Under the auspices of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), they united the artistic agenda of the Harlem Renaissance, suffrage-era organizing tactics, and contemporary debates on race in their efforts to expand women's influence on the politics of war and peace. Plastas shows how WILPF espoused middle-class values and employed gendered forms of organization building, educating thousands of people on issues ranging from U.S. policies in Haiti and Liberia to the need for global disarmament. Highlighting WILPF chapters in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Baltimore, the author examines the successes of this interracial movement as well as its failures. A Band of Noble Women enables us to examine more fully the history of race in U.S.  women's movements  and illuminates the role of the women's peace movement in setting the foundation for the civil rights movement."