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Indigenous Peoples of the United States

This guide will serve as a introduction for any student interested in the history and culture of the native peoples in the United States.

Research Starters

Proquest Diversity Collection, with access through Clark University

Goddard Library is proud to offer ProQuest's Diversity Collection, which contains three separate but cross-searchable collections: Ethnic NewsWatch, Alt-PressWatch, and GenderWatch. This collection focuses on ethnic, minority, and native presses, grassroots newspapers and magazines, and journals, news and newsletters focusing on gender and sexuality. Ethnic NewsWatch would be a great database to utilize for any research concerning indigenous populations both here and around the world. Many of the journals above can accessed through this collection!  

Research Starters on issues related to Native Americans

Also, learn more about the American Indian Movement, which we featured on our poster, in the following Research Starter Guides!

American Indian Movement

Wounded Knee Occupation

Alcatraz Occupation


The American Indian Movement Flag colors are reference to Lakota culture, and their tradition of the Four Directions or Winds, which are denoted by different colors.  In the Lakota tradition, West is Black, North is Red, East is Yellow, and South is White.  Can you think of anything that these particular colors might symbolize?  Learn more here.

Including Indigenous knowledge in your research


How to Include Indigenous Researchers and their Knowledge

This article from Nature explains how researchers and institutions can share the platform with Indigenous researchers, who have traditionally been marginalized in Academic circles.