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Archives and Special Collections: Reading Room Rules

An introduction to the materials available in Clark University's Archives and Special Collections.


  • Bring pencil and paper to take notes
  • Know what items you want to review when you arrive
  • Make an appointment in advance
  • Leave plenty of time to do your research
  • Keep track of what items you use and where you find information

The Rules

Rules for Researchers

Planning for your visit to the Archives

  1. Set aside personal items. You will be asked to set aside coats, bags, food and drink, and any items you will not need to conduct your research. You may keep a laptop, camera, phone, and notebook wih you.
  2. No food or drinkNo eating or drinking is permitted while using the Archives and Special Collections materials.
  3. Keep items in order. Only take out one folder at a time, and keep all material in the same order you found it. If the order is disarranged or seems mistaken, contact a staff member immediately.
  4. Pencils only! Staff will provide you with pencils as needed. You may not make any notes or markings on Archives and Special Collections materials. You may not use pens in the Archives.
  5. No flash photographyYou may take photographs in the Archives. However, you may not use flash photography. Please take care when using a camera that you do not drop it onto the material below.
  6. Handwashing required. Staff will provide a fragrance and colorant-free soap. You must wash your hands before handling any material from the Archives. If you eat, drink, or touch your face, you may be asked to wash your hands again.
  7. Scanning available. Staff will photocopy a reasonable amount of material for reference use when possible. Costs are borne by the researcher, and copies may not be reduplicated.
  8. Rights and permissionsRequests for rights must be addressed to the Archives. Clark University makes no representation that it is owner of the literary rights (other than its official records). Where permission to publish has been granted, the user should specify the source collection.